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The Dollhouse one should I think be a general "fetishisation of strong women" or if you want to be more specific "fetishisation of strong women by Joss Whedon". Also I like it and think it would suit the program.

I'd be interested in stephie's panel but I know she said she DIDN"T want that on the program.

I also really like the sounds of the Aussiecon and Being Neo panels, and think either would suit the program.

Everything else is ok but doesn't grab me as hard.

agreed. I would like to see the dollhouse one as more general (and I think that was discussed when it was first proposed) and I think it would fit well in the main program.

My other pics for the main program are:

Aussiecon, Being Neo, and where's the salad--all as moderate discussions rather than formal panels.

Race for the other could be good--but I think this would be better as a formal panel and I think it would take a lot of work and prep to get it right.

All the rest I am happy to see as guerrilla style hotel room discussions--including stephie's panel for which I will volunteer my room.

The Doctor Who thing I was envisaging as about all of Doctor Who, not just the new series - although it would be valuable to compare and contrast.

I figured there would be a compare and a contrast, which would be good, but I am definitely in favour of narrowing it to the new seasons.

Mind you, I put that suggestion up there after a conversation with mynxii about the companions in new who--so it may have already come up in other places in different forms.

The food one:-) I'd like to see it... can't summon sufficient brainpower to think about where... but I want to go to that one:-)

In the official programme for Swancon I would like to see the food one and performing femininity.

I am also interested in the being neo one, and the whedon one, and of course my own if i can remember what I was going to say.

Firstly, thank you so much for posting this. I was just going to do it tonight. Seem to be running perpetually behind time at the moment.

The Aussiecon thing was a general call for feminist things people want to see on the program.

I'd like to go to the ABA panel, the gender in Who one, te Aussiecon one, the race one and the food one.

I think I'd put Aussiecon and Who on the main program. I thinkt he race and the sexual violence things should be in safe places.

Guys, I vote for Performing femininity and either the Dr Who or or strong women one on the formal program.

The race and sexual violence need small, safe spaces I think.

Also, I have spoken to cupidsbow about a round table, safe space chat on how being a feminist fan has impacted on our fannish standings and reputations.

gynaecon retrospective - it's our 10th anniversary next year, so that would be a great time for a retrospecive.

btw -my aunt died last week and I thought I was fine, but I'm not so may not be around to contribute for a few days.

I am thinking of you with much love honey.

*gentle cuddle*

I'll make a cake!
Plus, *hugs*

I love the 'Wither Now' idea for a where Gynaecon came from and where to from now, except I notice baby_elvis's comment about next year being the 10th anniversary - which does seem like a particularly good time to do something like that :)

I'm still interested in being on the Doctor Who one - I can only talk about the new seasons which was partly my interest in the limitation - angriest you could come and talk about it if it doesn't end up on the main programme :P

This is one of the few fannish things I think I could say stuff about - aka I had huge reactions and thoughts about all of the new companions, so this is interesting to me.

I'm interested in most of the other ideas up above, but realistically may not get to see very many of them.

That said, I'm still in a state of emotional heartbreak with swancon so maybe I will see more than I expect to even being on the organising committee?

(deleted bit that i now realise should be in it's own post)

gynaecon rocks. I can't wait. Which reminds me i need to answer a FB message about it.

I like being Neo, and 'fetishisation of strong female characters' for the main program.

Although I suggested the wheres the salad one, I really don't have much to say on the topic - it was a bit of a chuck an idea out there thing.

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